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This is a space where you will find the articles and blog entries I publish regarding, consciousness, dance, conscious movement, shamanism and may other relevant topics for today'sspiritual seekers.

How to Embody Your Practice And Create Your Life

conscious movement Posted on Mon, May 08, 2017 14:21:41

2:00am. Nairobi, Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta airport. 4 hour lay-over on a trip from Harare (Zimbabwe) to Amsterdam. There are just so many things you can do when you are exhausted and with time to spare in an in-between land. After finishing my book and arranging all the contacts, pictures, videos and notes I had in my mobile phone, I found myself in a really uncomfortable chair with more than three hours of waiting ahead of me.

So, I started looking around. The waiting room was packed with people that tried to sleep or tried to find something to do to keep them busy, but most of them, like me, just found the waiting too long and looked really uncomfortable and impatient.

Then it happened: the land crew announced that our flight would be delayed at least two more hours…

Don’t Re-act, Create!

Everybody (including me) got really annoyed. Some people started to complain, even to fight with the crew and among themselves. Children cried and we all entered a downward spiral of anger and resignation. At this point is when I became aware that to be able to cope well with the uncomfortable situation, I needed to move away from “re-acting” and start creating a new context to cope with a situation I could not control or change. I needed to use what I´ve learned in my Yoga, meditation and Biodanza practice.

I started by focusing on my breathing, on the sensations I had in my body, on the conversations that I was having with myself, and realized that I was trapped in the downward spiral and emotions like anger and despair were taking control. But then I also realized that although there was nothing else for me to do but wait, I could decide how I face the delay. That although I was exhausted and angry, I had the power to choose what to embody. As soon as I became conscious of my inner state and decided to consciously embody flow, creativity, balance and presence, my mood changed and my mind calmed down. The situation outside was still the same, but my inner situation had drastically changed for the better.

We all constantly face situations that confront us with our inner resources. You may find yourself in a really full U-Bahn on your way to work, having conflicts with colleagues at work, finding it hard to deal with marital issues, or being put to test by your children. All these situations require from us that we act, but depending on what you have inside, on your inner resources, you could either re-act or create. You can either profit from a difficult situation or be caught up by it, feeling incapable to deal properly and ending up frustrated and weakened because of the outcome. These situations and many more are common for the majority of us that live in postmodern times. Situations that surprise us and drive us outside our comfort zone. Situations that require that we make decisions and act fast and swift. All you need is to learn how to embody empowering contexts that support your well-being when driven out of your comfort zone. But how?

The Missing Piece of Conscious Creation: Embodiment

First and most important by becoming aware of our ability to create. But this awareness state is not enough by itself. It needs to be followed by the ability to embody that what we are creating. Currently there are a lot of authors that focus on how to consciously create, but many people that learn about this subject still have a lot of problems believing they have this power because although they visualize the future they want to create, it doesn’t happen as they want to.

I believe that most people who face this problem are missing one important step for creation: to consciously embody what they are creating. I say “consciously” because we are always creating and embodying even though most of us don´t do it in a conscious way. For example, when I see people walking down the street I perceive what they are embodying by looking at the way they are moving, their posture, the gestures on their faces and alignment of their joints. By doing that I have a glimpse of their reality just by seeing them walk. The importance that our body has to create our reality resides in the fact that we cannot run away from it and unlike our mind, our body always tells the truth.

Thanks to my life path I’ve learned some of the skills needed to travel outside my comfort zone, create my reality and embody empowering contexts. Below I would like to share with you some of the strategies I´ve found to consciously embody our creations.

Strategies for Embodiment1. DISCIPLINE & PERSEVERANCE

First we require discipline and perseverance. If you like yoga, this means showing up in the mat regularly with a clear purpose and intention you want to embody. If you like to dance (consciously), it means to attend (regularly) to workshops and frequent teachers that use dance as a ritual of creation. Techniques such as Biodanza, 5 rhythms, authentic movement, teach how to use the energy generated through movement to create reality, heal and evolve. If you like to meditate it means to do it on a regular basis with a clear intention and focus on what your body is feeling when you enter meditative states. If you are into shamanism it all about attending ceremonies that expand your consciousness and connect your physical experience (body) with the living universe…

What is important is not the specific technique, but to regularly practice in order to learn how to understand the language of your body (its sensations and feelings) and its importance to bring the visions you want to create to every cell. Of course the emotions (that are also felt in the body) you feel while practicing are also key to support the embodiment of your vision. The important thing here is to comprehend that training your body is as important as training your mind and your emotional awareness to be able to embody creative contexts. These three domains (together with the spiritual) constitute our coherence.


Trying to be more specific, besides discipline and perseverance, embodying creations need form us to cultivate presence of mind and body, emotional awareness, acceptance, and detachment. I’ve also found that others skills like introspection, balance, flow, ability to connect with others, openness, joy of movement (and/or stillness), and focus are also key to be able to embody and create reality.

What Am I Embodying Now?

The challenge that most of us have is to bring what we practice on the mat or while dancing, or meditating, etc into our daily lives and especially when we are taken out of our comfort zone. The true spiritual warriors are recognized there, when pushed to the limit.

Any kind of spiritual/physical regular practice, combined with an introspective view and the conviction of our power to create are really important for us modern-day humans. That long night in Kenya I learned the importance of answering two questions that have been with me ever since that may also resonate with you: what am I embodying now? And, what do I want to embody?

Our Workshop Addiction

conscious movement Posted on Mon, May 08, 2017 12:22:43

“…the very moment you dispel your finite consciousness and feel that you are the all, that you are the whole world, that you are an Infinity;

when you realize that, then you become whole and the bodily disease, trouble, anxiety is dispersed, dispelled, evaporated.”
Swami Rama Tirtha

My Two Worlds
I have clarity on one thing. I do what I do because I want to change the world, I want people to be empowered and free so they can make their own decisions and learn how to unleash all their potential.
I’m tired of seeing myself, and all of us only as a consumers/producers, and letting those two behavioral patterns become the purpose of our lives.
I move between two worlds that have different costumes and beliefs but that in my opinion complement each other. The “Conscious Community” that attends yoga, shamanism, dance, meditation and any other ceremony of awareness and mindfulness. And the Corporate Community, that consist of people that work in organizations that attend technical trainings, team building and leadership workshops among others.
Although some people belong to both communities in general terms we are somehow divided in terms of awareness, mindfulness, and behaviors. I’m not saying one is better than the other, I’m saying that the awareness and behaviors of each community are radically different from one another.
Every time I attend or teach a dance, yoga or meditation workshop, a shamanic ceremony or a coaching program, I´m amazed by the levels of connection and awareness people there achieve. It doesn’t matter if the retreat is held in Europe, America, Africa or Asia, every time I see the way the community feeling is nurtured and cared for I renew my faith in humanity´s present and future. But is my observation that once the music is over, the connections are lost and everybody starts behaving the same way as always.

Why do we “fall back”?
As a business consultant having worked with hundreds of different organizations and teams I recognize the same pattern of good will to come together, change, improve and create a new level of awareness in organizational groups. The great statements and agreements that are reached during the workshops can be inspiring but sadly, according to my experience, most of them are disregarded once the teams go back to their offices.
I see this pattern in myself as well. After the retreat, workshop, seminar, certification, etc is over, I go back to my everyday life filled with joy and expansion, but sadly after a while I sometimes see myself falling back into old toxic patterns that I thought were left behind. I know that I’m not the only one who has had this “falling back” experience, that it’s probably normal due to the spiral nature of evolution.
Sometimes we go back in order to move forward in a more conscious way. Both the conscious community and the people who work in organizations seem to be addicted to the
experience of the workshop itself. They seem to enjoy saying I went to this, I did that, I certified myself in…. but despite all of their work most of them fail to bring the desired changes into practice. Why?

Practice, practice and more practice…
Let me venture two hypothesis to explain this phenomenon. The first and more reassuring one is that we humans need practice and recurrence to actually let our comprehension transform into new behaviors.
This means for example that in a workshop I recognize (become aware) an old pattern that affects my relationships with women. This awareness is great but it´s not enough to say that I have learned how to change and relate to women differently. It only means I’m aware of it. To change the behavior I would need to consciously start training myself to do things differently when I’m with women. According to this explanation, the only thing we need is time and recurrence (and maybe support from a teacher, coach guru) to let the changes happen. I recently wrote an article on how to embody your practice that has tips on how to bring your awareness to the level of behaviors. Check it here

This is the way things are moving right now. And don´t get me wrong, I see them moving. More people are more aware of the need for change in more parts of the planet. But do you think that at this pace we will be able to make the necessary shift in consciousness before our planet and/or society collapses?

Are we all addicted?
The second explanation is a little bit more provocative. I believe that there is a great number of people that are addicted to the workshop (retreat, program, etc) experience. I have learned how to recognize those professional participants, which despite what happens during the workshop experience always behave the same way afterward. Why? Because most of them feed themselves from the energy of love, respect and community feeling that is present during the work but have no clear intention of changing. Why should they? If the feel nurtured and happy after their attendance? This one is like any other addiction where we just act in spite of our own will just because we are used to those actions because we feel good afterward until the effect wears down and we need another dose of workshop.

Where are we failing?
In any case, I believe there is a big problem that most of the workshops are not facing. I’m talking about the lack of coordinated action that is required for us to change the world. What I mean is that although conscious retreats have multiplied in the recent years, politicians and the big corporation tycoons (and their teams) are still the same ones and they behave the same way, just looking out for themselves and their personal interests. And although the number of conscious people attending different programs is increasing, the world is not getting significantly better because we as people lack the leverage to push changes or what’s worst, the interest to make the decision-makers behave in a different way. Most of us
seem content of being able to do a headstand, meditate long hours or experience the power of a sacred plant.

Who´s responsibility is to do something?
These times are really exciting. You may agree with me when I say that we are in the threshold of a big change in consciousness and awareness. This article intends to be an eye opener and invites all of you to act, to bring your comprehensions into actions, to find the way to act in a coordinated way to push decision–makers to act differently. Is my belief that we as conscious people need to become more engaged in politics and economics, need to bring changes to our offices, need to talk with everybody about the need of change and the importance of personal responsibility. This is not too big for you. Everybody can get engaged. Just think about it the next time you meet your neighbors or family when you decide not to vote in the next election or not attend the neighborhood demonstration. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not.
I believe we are the generation called to transcend the egoistic/individualistic way of living and is up to us to actually make it happen by bringing what we learn in the workshops outside into “real life” and make it happen.
About the author: Juan Pablo is a life coach, Biodanza teacher, real life yogi and entrepreneur. He is currently living in Berlin where he delivers trainings, workshops, and sessions related to human consciousness. For more info on his work please visit: