While standing in front of the huge pyramid of Kukulkan in the Mayan city of Chichen itza in the south of Mexico, where the Mayan god descends from the top of the pyramid in form of light, I understood a little about how the Mayans lived their lives. They followed the organic rhythms of life and celebrated every aspect of them by performing rituals that bonded them with nature and as a community.
As I was marveled by the magnificence of those ancient structures and the magical way that the sunlight creates beautiful figures, I got to think about the way I, or we all live our lives. What are the rhythms that we follow? How do we honor those rhythms? How do we celebrate our bond with nature?

Living in the City
Living in Berlin, a city with a frenetic pace and endless opportunities, these questions were not easy to answer. I’m a student of human behavior, and my studies are conducted in everyday situations. A voyeurist some may call me since I love to observe the way people interact, the movements of their body, the gestures of their faces, the rhythm of breathing, the way people behave when they not aware that someone is looking.
After many years of observation, I realize that in Berlin most people live their lives following the rhythms of the BVG (Berlin Public Transportation). I know I’m generalizing and being very simplistic, but most of us design our days and nights making sure that we catch the U-Bahn or the Tran or the bus; we run from one place to the other trying to get there early, to leave on time, planning ahead, working so much so we can then feel useful because we produced or consumed what was expected from us. What we expected from us.

If we think of these routines in terms of dance, we would see people who live their lives that way, always in a frenetic techno dance that never stops. Silence is something that is not only not appreciated, but that is scary because they have gotten used to the frenetic (techno) way of life. And don´t get me wrong, I have nothing against techno music, but as with anything else, if it’s not combined with something else, after a while it becomes boring and meaningless. One side effect of the Berliner (post-modern) frenetic way of life is also the lack of rituals. This is not a Berliner thing, is all over the world. Besides birthdays, marriage and baby showers, we don´t have any other rituals that bond us as a community. We have lost the connection with what’s sacred. I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about spirituality in the broader sense of the word. Especially we lack rituals that connect us with nature. Besides than “using” nature most of us don´t feel connected or part of a living planet. I believe that the emptiness most of us feel, that the sleeping problems that a lot of people have, have to do with the lack of sacredness in our life. So, how should we find space in our daily routines
to connect with what’s sacred? Who to find sacredness in ourselves?

So far I haven´t described anything new to some of you who are also voyeurs, that are conscious of our connections with other human beings and with nature and that also feel the lack of sacredness in everyday life. Before I said that Berlin is a city with never-ending opportunities. And here are many that will reconnect you with yourself and nature. I’m especially drawn to those who use movement or dance to do the trick. In my opinion, Berlin is a city that dances. I’m not talking about the huge club scene, I’m talking about techniques that use dance and conscious movement in a different way. So far I´ve danced freietanzrituale, contact/improv, 5 rhythms, authentic movement, vinyasa flow and some more that
create joy, connection and pursue transformation. I really appreciate the freedom and connection that can be achieved through them.

But there has been one that has really fulfilled my needs of freedom, connection, and sacredness; one that has taught me how to open my body and my soul to whatever life brings, that has taught me responsibility to create and design my life following my own internal rhythms and where I have learned how to listen to nature´s cycles and live my life in an organic way. I am talking about Biodanza, the dance of life. This system was created in South America, a subcontinent that is all about dancing, with the clear purpose to contribute to human evolution. It uses dances and bodily exercises to reconnect people with their own potentials, so they can find in themselves the possibility to live happy and meaningful lives. After 70 years of being created, Biodanza has extended itself and now there are schools and practitioners in more than 50 countries and of course, there are several groups here in Berlin.

Biodanza moves away from fitness centered or eroticized dance techniques and proposes a way to deepen the search for authentic movement and coherence in life. From individual dances to pair and group exercises, Biodanza is the ideal choice for people who enjoy free dancing, real connection, great music and the power of metaphors. Through the constant practice, I´ve learned how to put my mind at ease, listen to my body, allow myself to be moved by my emotions and find the deep connections that live inside of me between instincts and spirituality. This multi-layer work will broaden your experience of being alive inside your body and open new possibilities of connection with yourself, with others and with every living

Biodanza is the dance of life and joy. Through conscious movement and profound moving metaphors, in each session, we will discover what can be learned from Affectivity, Creativity, Vitality, Transcendence and Sexuality. Each session is a ritual of freedom and a complete transformational experience that nurtures the seed of authenticity and awakens the courage to live life to the fullest. For me, it has been the way to recognize what´s sacred inside of me and reconnect with the sacredness of life. I’m still running to catch the bus as most of you are, but I do it without losing perspective on what’s important, on who is important. Thanks to my regular Biodanza practice I have been able to open space in my everyday life to enjoy myself even when things don´t go according to plan. Now I flow being aware of the importance of being well rooted in order to be able to fly high.